Laura officially launched her career as an intern-reporter at KEZI-TV in Eugene, OR. A great opportunity. The role demanded exceptional listening and interviewing skills, fast-thinking, fast writing and good instincts about what qualifies as news.    

Her next career move was north to Seattle. She landed a marketing management role for an international telecommunications company specializing in fiber optics, broadband and digital communications. It was the start of something beautiful: an affinity for all things technology and how to identify key audiences, curate value propositions and roll it all together to win sales. Fortunately for her, she was in Seattle – a growing, thriving tech market. 

Since the launch of FiveSpot Communications in 2009, Laura is privileged to have partnered with clients and agencies representing some of the most exciting and landscape-changing companies out there. From global cloud computing, health IT, and mobile communication giants – to life science organizations, worldwide marketing agencies and financial consulting firms.  

Laura’s professional storytelling career started by producing news for KEZI-TV, and her steady drumbeat of content production has never slowed. Today, more than 20 years later, she knows what works and what doesn’t – a distinct benefit for all her clients.    

Throughout my career, I’ve found success by staying true to one thing: a laser focus on the specific needs and content consumption habits of audiences. When I do that, good things always happen.

– Laura 

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